Katy Parody

by Insane Ian

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roboknight This album is pretty much "all good" as they say. I like all the tracks, but somehow, "The Games I Used To Play" was my life in the '80s. Ian, you've done it again! Favorite track: The Games I Used To Play - featuring The Stacey.


An EP featuring parodies of pop superstar Katy Perry.


released November 6, 2012

Track 1 also featured on the CD/DVD Collection "Grand Theft Audio" and is a parody of "California Gurls"

Track 2 is an extended version of a song from "The Super Epic Video Game Medley II: Championship Edition" from "Grand Theft Audio" and is a parody of "Firework"

Track 3 is written by Jeff Reuben. Jeff asked II to cover one of his songs. It is a parody of "The One That Got Away"

Track 4 was suggested by the Stacey as a parody of "Wide Awake".




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

Insane (adj): shocking, outrageous

"Insane Ian is a Comedy Rock God" - Dr Demento

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Comedy music and Nerdcore Hiphop, as heard on TheFuMP.com and the Dr Demento Show.
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Track Name: CosPlaying FanGurls - featuring the great Luke Ski
Luke Dogg: Greetings Hot Girls,
Dress like You're Nerdy.

I know a place
Where a lot of things are nerdy
Chicks in outfits
That get me thinking thoughts so dirty
Dressin' in corsets (Luke Dogg: Don't forget bustierres)
They stayed up all night sewing costumes (SCHOOL NIGHT)
(Luke Dogg: You got that Hot Glue Gun, Girl!)
We Gawk as they Walk
Jaws drop as they enter the ballroom (Quagmire: ALL RIGHT!)

Their attention to detail
They worked all week to impress other geeks
Costumed heroes in chain mail
I think I'm falling in love,
Oh, oh oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh!

Chorus 1
Science Fiction Gurls, they are so popular
Slave Leia, bikini in gold
Dark Green Skin on all of the Orion Gurls!
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-Orion!
(Luke Dogg: 7 of 9? Pff...'nuff said!)

Fantasy FanGurls, (Luke Dogg: Fangurls)they are so literal
Pointy eared elves will raise my point
Hermione's so hot, but not yet legal
Oh, oh-no, No, oh-oh-oh-no!
(Luke Dogg: I like that Steam Punk with Junk in the Trunk, girl!)

Pose for photos
With Stormtroopers in Stilettos (Luke Dogg: Yeah)
They freak out the geeks (Luke Dogg: You know it, baby!)
Dressed as some obscure heroes (or villians)

You could travel the world
From Comic-Con to Con, they got it going on
They are just every day girls
Who love what I love!
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!

Chorus 2
Superhero Gurls, they are spectacular
Super short skirt on Supergirl
Makes me wanna watch as she flys away
Up up up and away! Up up up and away!
(Luke Dogg: Dressed like Sue Storm, You're looking Fantatsic! ...Wait, where'd you go?)

Video Game Girls, they are so digital
Lara Croft's Tomb is over-Raided (Luke Dogg: Yeah!)
Chun Li's thunder thighs will win the Street Fight
Hi, hi-ya, ya, Hi, hi-ya, hi-ya!

[Luke's Rap Verse]

Dragon*Con or San Diego,
I'll go wherever they go.
PAX East, West coast.
These are the girls I love the most.
Elastigirl makes my Pix-heart twirl.
Save the cheerleader, save the world.
(Roger Rabbit: Pblblbleeease!) that Jessica dame.
Starbuck's the same, hot as the coffee with her name.
There's Evie with Kaylee,
and from BSG, 6 is a 10 to me.
Dr. Girlfriend with her deep sexy voice
shows Kim Possible how to get boys.
Wonder Woman, tie me up!
Costume contest, line 'em up!
Cheetara, Inara, Zatanna,
With Uhura, led by Queen Amidala,
Leela, and Xena, (Xena yell: Haililililili!)
Got the power like She-Ra.
(Chris Waffle: Uh huh!) Judge Chris Waffle tells every cutie,
Chris Waffle: C'mon fangirls, shake that booty!

Chorus 3
CosPlaying Fangurls, they are incredible
From comic books to anime
Spandex is a privilege, it is not a right
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

CosPlaying FanGurls, they are so popular
Guys fight for a picture with them
Fin'ly found some girls that will talk to us!
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

Science Fiction...and Fantasy Gurls
(Luke Dogg: You know I wish they could all be CosPlaying FanGurls...)

Science Fiction...Double Feature Show.
(Luke Dogg: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond...You can all be MY companions)

(c) 2010 Idolize W.A.Y. Recordings/Insane Ian. All Rights Reserved
Track Name: Angry Birds
Do you ever feel the need to play a game
But you're not at home, only have your phone?
Do you ever wish, wish to knock things down
Like a house of cards, make some piggies frown

Do you wish revenge for the eggs they stole?
Sending wing'ed doom towards the piggies flimsy homes?
Do you know that there's a game just for you
'Cause there's an app for you?

You just gotta give it all you got
and take your shot
The birds take flight
like the 4th of July

And now you're playin' Angry Birds
You'll beat up those piggie herds
The bacon starts to fly, iy, iy
As they shoot across the sky, iy, iy

Baby, they are Angry Birds
Come on beat up pig neighbors
Make 'em go, oink, oink, oink
You're gonna leave 'em falling, boink, boink, boink

You don't have to feel like you're wasting time
There's a free version, won't cost you a dime
If you beat the game, there's no reason
You can't go and play ”Rio” or ”Seasons”

There's so many ways this game can be played
Need a challenge, try the Angry Birds in Outer Space
All three stars are yours, beat you last hi-score
Now they're in Star Wars

You just gotta tap on the screen
To make pigs scream
The game's so sick
Accurate physics

'Cause these are some Angry Birds
They are really short on words
Make the Birdies fly-iy-iy
As they shoot across the sky-iy-iy

Can't you let the Birdies vent?
They need some anger management
When they're dropping eggs, eggs, eggs
Onto pigs without legs, legs, legs

Boom, boom, boom
Legless pigs will meet thieir doom, doom, doom
Tap the screen and one goes zoom, zoom, zoom
All we'll need is a cartoon-oon-oon.

'Cause Birdies are so Angry
Come on, what makes them happy
Sending birds across the sky-iy-iy
To make all the piggies die-ie-ie

Everyone is playing Angry Birds
The money they make is absurd
The ideas running dry-iy-iy
But til then we always buy-iy-iy

Boom, boom, boom
Legless pigs will meet their doom, doom, doom
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Another game comes out at noon, noon, noon
Track Name: The Games I Used To Play - featuring The Stacey
Kids back in the eighties stayed home all day
We'd Breakout the Atari, for hours we played
And every week on Friday
We'd all hit the arcade

Tried to cross the street in Frogger
Got hit by a car
Missed the vine in Pitfall
And Harry fell far
Ghost got me in Pac Man
That will leave a scar

With another life
Would have cleared the board
Eaten all the ghosts and
All the fruits that I ignored

With another life
Space I would invade
And I wish I could pay
Quarters and live at the arcade
(With the) The games I used to play

I was Mario you were my Donkey Kong
When you hit me with a barrel, it felt so wrong
Got pumped to play Dig Dug
You blew my pooka up (Whoa)

Maybe I should play some new RPGs
Since I like golf, try Golden Tee
But newer games don't have a
Leg up on Centipede

But with another life
I'd get that high score
Defend Earth from Asteroids
And I would save the world

With another life
Tempest turns to rage
Now you'll feel my Rampage
Cause there is nothing out today
(Like the) The games I used to play
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The games I used to play

Modern games are not like that, just isn't so (Nooooo)
Cause when you die you just hit reload (reload)
Or go online and find the right cheat code (code)
Now you're invincible

With another life
In a cartoon world
Take out Singe the Dragon and
At last I'd get the girl

With another life
At Missile Command
With joystick in my hand
I'll save the planet if I can
In the games I used to play
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes

With another life
At ten thousand points
I'd get an extra man
You know they never disappoint
The games I used to play
Track Name: Assassin's Creed - featuring The Stacey
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

(Assassin's Creed)
Abstergo Industries
They went and kidnapped me
Revealed my ancestry
(Assassin's Creed)
Turns out I never knew myself
(Assassin's Creed)
My story will begin
With a piece of Eden
Now I'm an assassin
(Assassin's Creed)
And I will take you out with stealth

They stuck me in
The Animus
Those Templar Knights
You can not trust
Relive the lives
Of ancestors
Use hidden blades
on jugulars

Falling into hay
Conveniently placed
I'm stabbing lots of guys
No I don't need a disguise

(Assassin's Creed)
Ancestral memories
Give me abilities
So I can stab and flee
(Assassin's Creed)
Climbing wall's no easy tricks, no
(Assassin's Creed)
Start in the Third Crusade
Then to Italy
but here in modern day
(The Animus)
I feel like I'm inside "Matrix"

And if I knew then
What I know now
To be captured
I'd not allow
I stab them all
Then "Leap of Faith"
'Then I'd wake up in
In some hay

Leaping from rooftops (it was out of the blue)
It's a real long drop
I'm killing Templar Knights (yeah, secret society)
Glad I'm not afraid of heights

(Assassin's Creed)
Mayan mystery
A Conspiracy
(Assassin's Creed)
How'd I get into this?
(Assassin's Creed)
Stop the World's End
Apple of Eden
(Assassin's Creed)
Blades hidden in my wrist...

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

Yeah, I'm stabbing all your goons (stab 'em right in the face)
Sending you to meet your doom
Vanish when a smoke bomb's tossed (yeah, I'm running away)
Got more plot twists here than "Lost"

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

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