The Games I Used To Play - featuring The Stacey

from by Insane Ian



Jeff Reuben contributed to the "Grand Theft Audio" Kickstarter. He pledged enough money to have Insane Ian cover any song he chose. For his cover, he chose that II cover one of HIS OWN songs, that he actually had yet to record. This is the end result, with The Stacey providing the vocals (as she is clearly a better singer of this than Ian ever could be).


Kids back in the eighties stayed home all day
We'd Breakout the Atari, for hours we played
And every week on Friday
We'd all hit the arcade

Tried to cross the street in Frogger
Got hit by a car
Missed the vine in Pitfall
And Harry fell far
Ghost got me in Pac Man
That will leave a scar

With another life
Would have cleared the board
Eaten all the ghosts and
All the fruits that I ignored

With another life
Space I would invade
And I wish I could pay
Quarters and live at the arcade
(With the) The games I used to play

I was Mario you were my Donkey Kong
When you hit me with a barrel, it felt so wrong
Got pumped to play Dig Dug
You blew my pooka up (Whoa)

Maybe I should play some new RPGs
Since I like golf, try Golden Tee
But newer games don't have a
Leg up on Centipede

But with another life
I'd get that high score
Defend Earth from Asteroids
And I would save the world

With another life
Tempest turns to rage
Now you'll feel my Rampage
Cause there is nothing out today
(Like the) The games I used to play
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The games I used to play

Modern games are not like that, just isn't so (Nooooo)
Cause when you die you just hit reload (reload)
Or go online and find the right cheat code (code)
Now you're invincible

With another life
In a cartoon world
Take out Singe the Dragon and
At last I'd get the girl

With another life
At Missile Command
With joystick in my hand
I'll save the planet if I can
In the games I used to play
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes
The ga-a-a-a-a-mes

With another life
At ten thousand points
I'd get an extra man
You know they never disappoint
The games I used to play


from Katy Parody, released November 6, 2012
Parody of "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry (Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, and Max Martin)
New lyrics by Jeff Reuben
Music performed by Ben Stahl
Vocals by The Stacey




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