Blank Babies - The Chris Ballew Tribute Album Disc Two - "Inspired by Ballew"

by Various Artists

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Chris Ballew has sold over 4 million records with the pop-rock trio The Presidents of the United States of America, but has been playing and recording music from a very early age. From his first "band" David and the Overtones (featuring Chris on piano at age 10 and childhood friend Dave Theile on Sears Drum Kit at age 6), to his art-school rock outfits Mute Testimony, EGG and Dukes O Pop, Chris' music has run the gamut of sound styles. Always recording, he has even gone solo with projects including Caspar, the Giraffes, and his own self named releases, and fused hip-hop with rock with the bands SUbSET (featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot) and recently, the Feelings Hijackers. This record is intended to pay tribute to the man and his many sounds, and showcase the talent of his fans and friends who have been influenced by his work over the years

"I love the album! it is a pleasure to listen to...I really like all of
it...good job and thanks so much for doing it...I will treasure it forever. "
--Chris Ballew


released May 28, 2005

Cover by Phil Franklin.
Produced by Insane Ian.

Some of the songs on this CD Collection respectfully use words and/or music by Chris Ballew ( (c) Raw Poo Music) and are not intended to infringe on any ownership or copyright laws. This is a non-profit project intended strickly as a tribute to Chris, his music, and his various bands. All tracks were recorded privately and with no compensation to the performers or to the organizers of the project.




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

"Insane Ian is a Comedy Rock God..." - Dr Demento (The Dr Demento Show)

“If you like video games and hiphop and you don't listen to Insane Ian...You're. Missing. Out.” - Mikey Mason (on The Funny Music Podcast)

"...the guy who's an even-geekier heir to the Weird Al throne..." - Jay Hathaway (URLesque)

Comedy music and Nerdcore Hiphop, as heard on and the Dr Demento Show.
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