Batman: Arkham Origins

by Insane Ian



Oh, look! A Reviewsical! Yes, this is for the game, Batman: Arkham Origins, available on Playstation 3, WiiU, and Xbox 360.

Why now? Yes, I know the game came out back at the end of October, but the new downloadable content is due next month (April 2014), and Game Informer just announced the sequel so...yeah, this is finally a thing.


released March 25, 2014

Music by Ben Stahl
Lyrics by Ian Bonds
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle A Carrozza




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Batman: Arkham Origins
I'm the bat, I am back, in the city of Gotham
There's a ton of crimes tonite, and you need me solve 'em
There's a guy, Black Mask, and somebody tried to off him
Gotta use my skills to see who wants him in a coffin
It's late at night and it's Christmas eve
Does that mean everybody in the city had to leave?
There is no one around, just these thugs and cops
I guess not even crime takes the holiday off
There's this new guy, the Joker, and he's hired assassins
To try to take me out, but I'm not exactly passive
I'll punch and I'll punch and I'll punch them some more
these thugs then will dump their whole lunch on the floor
They've started a war, it's thugs against thugs
Least I think that it is, can't tell through the bugs
I know this game came out before the month of November
Well here's your damn review, better late than never

Chorus (X2):
Oh, hey, look, prequel time again
It's not exactly "Batman Begins"
Joker, Black Mask, and the Penguin
"Batman: Arkham Origins"

If you've played "Arkham City", well this game looks the same
They used the same assets, so that's kind of lame
But the story may leave some fans feeling bored
And they say multiplayer is better ignored
But they added fast travel, so that's kind of pretty
So you watch the Batwing as the game loads the city
It's a pity this wasn't download content
'Cause I could've used the money to pay for my rent
There's upcoming DLC that will feature Mr. Freeze
But I'm still trying to get all the Riddler trophies
And speaking of freezing, that happens all the time
You'd think they'd have fixed it with a patch online
But the gamers still buy it, won't put up a fight
Sold us this game three times, man that doesn't seem right
This won't happen again, swear that I've seen the light
Now excuse me while I pre-order "Batman: Arkham Knight"

Chorus X4

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