Thor's Big Silver Hammer

from by Insane Ian



Jane was quizzical, practiced astrophysical science in her van
‘Til it ran into a buff blonde god, Oh oh oh oh
Thor and Loki had defied their gold King Odin Dad, invading Yodenheim,
“Can we end this cold war between us, Laufy?”

But as he calls Thor “little princess”, Thor’s hand begins to rise...

Bang bang, Thor’s big silver hammer came down on his head...
Mjolnir, Thor’s big silver hammer made several Frost Giants dead.

Thor lost his power and his hammer for an hour, while banished here on Earth,
Jane has matrimonal bed thoughts, Oh oh oh oh
Gimly, Legolas, Jackie Chan and Xena just want Thor to be free
(Thor must be set free!)
The robot disagrees, and he tells them so

But as Ms. Portman’s kissing his lips, you check out his behind!

Bang bang, Thor’s big silver hammer destroyed that lead head,
Clang clang, Thor’s big silver hammer killed non-Stark Iron Man dead.

Back in Azgard’s din, Loki’s playing Slytherin, Thor gets quite annoyed
Loki’s causing many unpleasant scenes
Sibling rivalry competing for the dynasty, Loki threatens Jane...
Thor tries to Avengers Sanctity, oh oh oh oh,

When Loki dabbles in cold genocide, Thor seems to lose his mind...

Bang bang, Thor’s big silver hammer destroyed that bi-frost
Oopsie, thanks to Thor’s big clamor that bridge to Earth was lost.
Whoa oh oh

Silver hammer win!


from Meet The Avengers, released March 3, 2017
“Thor’s Big Silver Hammer”
Parody of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by the Beatles (Paul McCartney)
New lyrics by Carrie Dahlby
Music performed by Ben Stahl
Backing vocals performed by Carrie Dahlby
Lead vocals performed by Insane Ian




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