Hulk! Don’t make me angry
Hulk! You won’t like me angry
Hulk! You know, my name is doctor

When I was younger, so much younger than today (I never needed)
I never needed anybody's help controlling rage (now)
But now those days are gone, they’ve become Halloween (and now I’m changed)
Now I’m changed, by Gamma rays, (it’s) not easy being green

Hulk, please if you can, do not come out
I do not appreciate you stomping 'round
Help me keep my rage buried way down
Don't you, please, please Hulk out

And now my life has changed in, oh, so many ways (I’m so hunted)
I’m being hunted for my blood and I haven’t slept in days (but)
But now it seems to me the green guy’s so handy (I know that I)
I know that I am feeling like I'm always so angry

Hulk, please if you can, I need you now
Seems I do appreciate you being 'round
Help me beat this guy into the ground
Won't you, please, please Hulk out?

And now it seems that I have joined up with a team
I’m doing science with Tony Stark and coming up with schemes (but)
But now that Ultron came, I'm not so self-assured (and now I’ve found)
I found a jet, and now I’ll get, to see another world

Hulk, please if you can, do not be sore
Maybe just please land the plane, walk out the door
Help me kick some ass along-side Thor
Won't you, please, please Hulk Smash
Hulk smash, Hulk smash


from Meet The Avengers, released March 3, 2017
Parody of Help! By The Beatles (Songwriters: JOHN LENNON, PAUL MCCARTNEY)
New lyrics by Ian Bonds
Music and backing vocals performed by Ben Stahl
Lead vocals performed by Insane Ian




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

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