Guitar Hero Live

by Insane Ian



The new Guitar Hero is out! New controller! New online mode! NEW REVIEWSICAL!


New controller has six buttons now
Hit the chords just right, impress the crowd
If you play terrible, they will all frown
Use that hero power, raise it up proud!

This Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero Live
This Guitar Hero
It's kinda tricky

While the "Live" portion is over fast
The rock festivals don't seem to last
Take the game online, it is a blast
To play videos from now and the past

This Guitar Hero
Playing videos
This Guitar Hero
I'm barring chords, now!

Kudos, My hero
You changed it up again!
My Guitar Hero
The one that's on

This Guitar Hero
Has tons of videos
This Guitar Hero
Ain't like the others
This Guitar Hero
Expert is no joke
This Guitar Hero
You know I love it!


released October 21, 2015
"Guitar Hero Live"
Parody of "My Hero" by Foo Fighters
Written by: Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Georg Ruthenberg
New lyrics by: Ian Bonds
Music performed by: Ben Stahl




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

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