Insane Ian feat. darkNES of the Gothsicles - Zombie T​-​Rex

from by Insane Ian



MC Lars released his 4th album, "The Zombie Dinosaur LP", a few months ago which featured this track. He also released an album of the instrumentals from the LP, and asked his fans to cover the songs.

Insane Ian took it a step further and adapted the title track to fit himself a bit.



The zombie t-rex is back,
undead swag with that old-school rap
‘Cause it’s Kurtis Blow with that Nerdist flow,
getting pterodactyl fly on the track
Three records deep, seven EPs,
one greatest hits, guess you can’t kill me?
Poison when I spit it, Komodo dragon (yeah),
Hidden toilets: Commode-o braggin’
Sesquipedalian loquaciousness,
another rapper born dared to rhyme like this
Insane Ian with the rhythmic alacrity,
oratory skills ‘causing mad catastrophe
‘Cause my whole crew’s sick, like Kubrick,
got your eyes wide shut for this apocalypse
Let’s face it, I’m an okay rapper, nerdcore comedy velociraptor
No, I won’t dumb it down for the mainstream fan,
‘cause the mainstream fan has lame taste man (yeah I said it)
And I’m flying over hurtles,
keep it underground like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
See, a funny thing happened on my way to the stage,
waylaid by a stegosaurus snacking on my leg
When I made my escape it was way too late,
got that T-virus strain all up in my veins
Bringing pain like the Necronomicon,
iguanodon loose up at Comic-Con
Tearing up your lawn like a mochlodon,
take away your girl like I was Donkey Kong
Jurassic park this van in your city every time I rock a show,
‘cause the fans all bounce when I light up the room with my pyroclastic flow, yo!


Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex!
(No mercy, no surrender,
zombie t-rex I’m killing it forever) (x4)


‘Cause I make that FuMP music
That hard DIY make you jump music
That “Ian came to straight rock it,” music
That 3DS in my pocket music
that Chris Ballew on my album music
that really wanna work with Mega-Random music
That PMA all day music
That guy who pimps out Bonecage music
That Let's Get Silly music
That "Are you with me, do you feel me?" music
That got here on my own music
That hey it's MC Lars in my phone music
That old school classic game music
That Benedict Cumberbatch's name music
That write a song about a comic book music
That it's darkNES on the hook music like


Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex! (No mercy, no surrender,
zombie t-rex I’m killing it forever) (x4)

Trip Skinner: "This just in: breaking news from the east coast. It appears as though The zombie dinosaurs that have ravaged the Bay Area may have some competition, as T-Rex's have laid waste to the Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore Inner Harbor today. Reports are coming in across Annapolis and DC as well of giant undead carnivores tearing up the capital cities, and there seems to be no end in sight for their mad dash of destruction."


Ahhh!! I’m a zombie t-rex! (No mercy, no surrender,
zombie t-rex I’m killing it forever) (x4)

Trip Skinner (continued): "Coming up next: what these zombie dinosaurs mean for the video game industry: is a new version of the Midway hit 'Rampage' due in arcades, or even theaters? Also, we'll talk to Godzilla to see how he feels, and if international copyright law and fair use applies if these creatures are as undead as they appear. Finally, Zombie T-Rex's and You, how you can co-exist with your new towering overlords. All coming up next."


from Under The Influences, track released February 4, 2016
“Zombie T-Rex”
(featuring darkNES of the Gothsicles)

music by MC Lars, Jim Greer and Damondrick “D.J.” Jack
lyrics by MC Lars (shout out to Hot Karl for the TMNT lyric!)
amended lyrics and vocals by Insane Ian
Chorus vocals by darkNES
Trip Skinner played by Chris Mezzolesta
Additional music by Ben Stahl.




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

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