Another track for my #MonthlyComedyCover project, Mega Ran's track "Grow Up" really spoke to me as a nerd musician and a gamer. In fact, the similarities to Ran and myself in the song were pretty staggering. That said, I wanted to slightly update the few lines to make them apply more to my own situation (much as I did with my cover of MC Lars' "Zombie T-Rex"), and I added entirely new lyrics to the bridge. Much respect and love to Random aka Mega Ran for the inspiration and music.


[Chorus 2X]
I just can't seem to grow up
I said I just can't seem to grow up
But you know what? (WHAT~!)
I don't think I want to

Ah ah okay okay
I was a young'n maybe 7 or 8
When I was up late playin games 'fore I was straight
Babysitter on the couch tryin to get her freak on
I'm passin level after level thinkin I'ma beat Pong
But little did I know they didn't have any endings
Every couple of levels I would go back to the beginning
Hard lesson to learn, but I recovered fine
Couldn't beat Pitfall and got tired of tryin
But when the NES came around I had to get down
If you ain't have it on the block then you was 'bound to get clowned
My game was Super Mario, I played it to death
First to get a hundred men kickin turtles on the steps
Learned that from GamePro, but it's a shame though
Nowadays video games ain't the same bro
Too complicated and they ain't worth the price
You know somethin they a lot like life, and that's why


Now I don’t care what people say this is my life and it’s the way
That I’ll live it and if I play these silly games like every day
Then that’s the way I choose to stay, it was more fun when I was eight
And that’s what’s great about those days
The simpler times meant come what may!


Know what?
I played every game in front of me, my peoples wanted none of me
Ian's skills in video games, they couldn't front on me
Mom knew how to punish me, take away the cords
'Til I thought they'd use the AC adaptor from my keyboard
That's when I knew that there was somethin amazin
My boys would get in trouble, I was cool cause I stayed in
Latch key kid, Home Alone like Macaulay
And 20 years later rockin Rock Band parties, cause



from Under The Influences, track released March 24, 2017
Grow Up
Originally performed by Mega Ran (Raheem Jarbo)
New lyrics by Insane Ian
Vocals performed by Insane Ian
Instrumental produced by Mega Ran (from his album Mega Ran 5th Anniversary)
Mixed by Bonecage




Insane Ian Chicago, Illinois

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