Die Hard Christmas

by Insane Ian and Bonecage



There's been a debate going on for the past few years about whether or not "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.

The answer is yes. Yes it is.

In order to cement that point home, I teamed up with nostalgia fan extraordinaire Bonecage to pay tribute to "Die Hard" as a Christmas classic movie, with a Christmas classic song.

This is also an unintentional tribute to two artists we lost this year: Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber) and David Bowie.

Yippie-ki-yay, everyone.


Come they told me to Nakatomi
To spend my Christmas at her office party
A giant bear I bring to both of my kids
Switched to her maiden name is what Holly did, celebrated, the company's bid

[Insane Ian]
Hans Gruber -- can it be?
He is here...for robbery
Hostages are taken
Terrorists are raiding the rooms
So I run and I hide away

I have no shoes to wear - made fists with my toes
Threw Tony down the stairs - broke his neck and his nose
Hid on an elevator right up above
Tied to a chair he’s dead and wearing a note, I have a gun - ho ho ho

[II & BC]
Sgt. Powell must be made aware
“Welcome to the par-ty, pal”
The FBI will attack the doors
But they won’t get very far

Hans, he told them to shoot the glass
“Come out to the coast, [...] we’ll have a few laughs”
Now Karl seems pissed at me, ‘cause I killed his bro
Argyle’s in the garage, he’s waiting below, takes out Theo, with a limo

I pray my wife will be safe
As I shoot Eddie right in his face
Hans falls out the window
Thornberg gets a punch in the nose
While Al shoots, shoots at Karl for me

John McClane, saved the day


released December 25, 2016
Die Hard Christmas
Written By Insane Ian & Bonecage
Parody of "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth" as performed by Bing Crosby and David Bowie...with some arrangement liberties.

Music performed by Bonecage
Vocals by Bonecage and Insane Ian




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